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5 Spring Fashion Accessories You'll Want to Spring For

Spring fashion trends fashion accessories

It's officially springtime...The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and people are getting vaccinated! With the change of seasons and the world opening up, we're ready to revamp our wardrobe and, of course, our fashion accessories. It's been a while since many of us have left the house (over a year but who's counting?), so it might be time for a closet refresh. Here are few spring accessories that will spruce up any outfit.

A woven hat

Whether you're sitting outside sipping a cool beverage, or getting the garden back into full gear, you'll definitely want to protect yourself from the sun. And nothing protects you from the sun quite like a floppy, wide-brim straw hat, plus they're super cute. Even with the hat, you'll still need to slather on some SPF for added protection - try a primer with sunscreen to give your skin a little extra glow.

Vintage sunglasses

Here at Bloomers, we love our retro sunglasses (we love retro everything actually). Stay chic and protect your delicate eye skin from the sun with cat-eyed or oversized shades ala Audrey Hepburn. Pair these babies with the floppy straw hat and you'll basically look like a celebrity. No autographs, please!

Fashion accessories cat eyed sunglasses vintage retro

The floral face mask

We had sincerely hoped that we'd be out of face masks this spring. Alas, that's not the case. And if we're still going to have to wear masks, we may as well make them pretty masks, right? Floral face masks will brighten any outfit, while keeping you protected.

A soft wrap

Springtime weather is unpredictable. As the weather moves from cold to warm, back to cold and then warm again, it helps to keep a scarf or wrap on you just in case. Wear it around your neck to add some color to your basics or wrap it around your shoulders at night for some warmth. Once you're back home and reunited with your couch, the wrap can double as a cozy throw blanket.

Fashion accessories scarf wrap

Fashionable flats

Let's face it, we're not quite ready to jump right back into those high heels that have been gathering dust in our closet. Comfort is still at the forefront right now and heels just won't work for a backyard BBQ, so slip into a ballet flat, mule or loafer before re-entering society. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get on out there and stay safe and fashionable!

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