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When it comes to underwear, today there are more sizes, more shades and more skin tones for various body shapes.

Inclusivity is a good thing.

But what about women who’ve gained a few years. Or a few pounds. Had a baby.  Or just made it through menopause?

The fact is that over the course your life your hormones go through different phases.

These phases not only shape your reproductive health, but also your body shape and how you view your sexuality.  

Everyday undies are easy.  Sexy lingerie?  Well, that’s a whole ‘nother story. 

So, how do we stay true to our sexiest selves?

Too low, too high, too wide, too tight, covering too much, or maybe not enough. A comfortably sexy fit is hard to find when you’re young - and even harder as your body changes. Just had a baby or a C-section. Put on a few years or a few pounds. Or finally made it through menopause.

It’s time to change the definition of sexy.

We believe sexy should be accessible and attainable. And above all, ageless.

That’s why we created Bloomers Intimates, sexy lingerie for every woman with a changing body.  That means all of us.

Our mission is to change the world one tush at a time.

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