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5 Reasons We all Need Sexy Leakproof Underwear

Moisture wicking undies leakproof panties

Okay, ladies, admit it. We’ve all been there. We’ve had a little surprise leakage sneak up on us from time to time. And while it may not be pleasant (and slightly embarrassing!), we at least know that we are not alone in this rather dampening dilemma. In fact, studies show that approximately one in three women experience this uncomfortable phenomenon on a regular basis, especially during moments of physical stress, or as our bodies change with age or during and after pregnancy.

And what's a girl to do when she has an oops moment? Most leakproof underwear is boring and uncomfortable, and can feel like a diaper. Thankfully, there are better (and cuter) ways to stay dry these days! Introducing our new SneezeProof™ collection of leakproof panties for everyday leaks. We've added a light absorbency gusset into our sheer, sexy lace designs to keep you and your clothing dry. So you can laugh, jog and sneeze with ease of mind.

So, exactly when might you need your leakproof underwear? Oh, let me count the ways!

  1. Sweat Sesh – It’s seems to happen every time. You’re in the middle of your spin class, your heart is pumping, your blood is flowing, you’re crushing it, and then BAM! You feel a bit of leakage. According to medical experts this is common as the more you exert yourself, the more pressure is put on the pelvic floor thus leading to leakage. However, dressed in a pair of SneezeProof panties, you can forget your worries and spin your way through a warrior workout.
  2. Allergy Season – Allergy season is miserable enough with watery eyes, fatigue, coughing, and sneezing. But for some, it can also lead to the bladder releasing droplets of urine every time they suffer a coughing or sneezing attack. However, that’s no reason to lock yourself indoors all spring! With moisture wicking underwear, you can now enjoy your favorite outdoor activities without running to the loo every time you say “ah-choo”!
  3. Pregnancy & After Child Birth – Among the myriad of changes that a woman’s body goes through during, and sometimes after, pregnancy, the one few talk about is their weaker bladder control during physical activities. Doctors explain that as the baby grows, the enlarging uterus causes pressure on the bladder below it. This extra stress on the bladder makes it easier for any additional exertion, such as laughing, sneezing or exercising, to result in leaks. This can last long after pregnancy and, in fact, get worse with age so might be time to start those kegels! SneezeProof briefs are also a great solution, during and after pregnancy, as they offer moisture protection, comfort and style with their four-way stretch lace design and full rear coverage.
  4. Girls’ Night – Ever laugh so hard you think you might just pee? No? Well, perhaps you’re not hanging out with my friends! Every great girls’ night should end with belly-rolling laughter and memories to last a lifetime. But for some, leaking every time you laugh can be a problem. Especially if giggling turns to gut-wrenching embarrassment. That’s why SneezeProof undies were created! So you can laugh your heart out, worry-free.
  5. Road Trip – Who doesn’t love a great road trip – especially during the summer? It’s the perfect opportunity to check out new scenery, listen to great tunes, and head out on a new adventure. But for those of us with weak bladders, a long excursion can often lead to heightened anxiety over tiny accidents. However, with panties that are as pretty and comfy as they are protective, you can feel confident that your venture doesn’t leave you in the dust.

Ladies, listen. All of our bodies are changing. It’s time we start talking about the amazing things that make us women unique! Sure, we may have entered an era where small things like laughing with our girlfriends, working out, or something as simple as sneezing causes a little leakage. But we’ve also crossed into a new world, where leakproof panties are protective, comfortable AND sexy! With the support (literal and figurative) of other women and the fabulous solutions that they bring to the table, there is nothing that can get in our way. Not even a little leakage!

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