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From Chub Rub to Glam Gams in 4 Easy Steps

From Chub Rub to Glam Gams in 4 Easy Steps

With Summer in full swing, I fully intend to embrace this season’s flirty skirts, shorty shorts, and fitted pants and capris. Yet, if you’re also like me, you may be feeling a bit self-conscience about those “few” leg workouts you missed this Winter while binging your favorite Netflix shows. Not to mention dreading the chub rub that comes along with those flirty skirts.

Well, have no fear ladies because, I certainly, have no time for body shaming this season. After all, there are way too many brunches with the gals and evenings out that we need to get to!

So, what’s a girl to do if she wants to glam up those gams in a hurry? Lucky for you, I have a few great tricks that will have your thighs looking and feeling amazing! Let’s show Summer who’s boss, shall we?

Get Your Glow On!

If your legs are already dark or the shade of tan you crave, then lucky you! For those of us with pastier legs, self tanner is a must! It not only conceals any troublesome areas but can actually make your legs appear more-shapely with proper contouring. The process is a lot less daunting than it sounds, I promise. Start by shaving and exfoliating 24 hours before self-tanning. This gives skin a chance to calm down from any irritation and for pores to close.

As far as how to actually apply the tanner, experts advise working downward from the butt toward your feet—it's the best way to get a perfect, uniform glow. And never, ever apply self-tanner directly to feet, which get darker naturally in the summer, or heels, which tend to absorb color faster and can look orange.

To get the appearance of longer, leaner legs, the trick is building your tan. After you've applied one layer of either a mousse or liquid formula, wait 15 minutes, then come in with an instant spray tan, to highlight key points on the leg. For the thighs, specifically, lightly mist at the top of the knees and the sides of the thigh.

The Perfect Pants: It’s All About The Fit … And Color

When trying to accentuate our thighs, we often immediately think of skinny jeans or leggings. But there are far more options to choose from. And, more times than not, styles that will not only make our thighs more-shapely but the rest of our body look pretty fabulous too!

When I am looking for flattering bottoms, I start with color. It’s important to choose from the color palette that compliments your skin tone. Light colors can give the illusion of a larger frame and make you look heavier, while, dark colors camouflage flaws and give the illusion of a slimmer appearance. Blacks, browns and dark blues are usually my go-to but don’t be afraid to go with a dark-wash denim or dark green to shake things up!

After I choose the color, I am very particular about the material. I always look for pants or shorts that have some stretch in them to not only hold my shape but also smooth it out. Less flexible fabrics like denim, polyester, and wool can make your figure look “boxy” and, if not well-fitted, can show creases where you don’t want them.

Dresses, Skirts And Shorts… Oh My!

While we all need a great pair of pair pants and jeans, after living in them all Winter, I am always ready to break out a few cute dresses, skirts, and shorts by Summer. So, when it comes to refreshing my wardrobe with a few new pieces, I have some key style tips I keep in mind. The first, and most import, always stick to the classics. Yes, it’s fun to mix in new trends, but if I am investing in particular items, I stick with pieces like the pencil skirt or flared dresses that can showcase my best assets. As for length, taller women don’t really have an issue as hems that hit from the knee down are always flattering. However, for our petite gals, they should aim for styles above the knee to elongate the leg and pull the eye down from the top of the leg. Again, be mindful of color, material, and comfort.

When I am shorts shopping, there are many things I keep in mind. Again, color, material, and comfort are important but I also look for shorts that are high-waisted and figure-flattering. This cut will accentuate your curves and make you look slimmer overall by drawing the eye to your waist, not your thighs. Also, wide leg or relaxed fit shorts are your best bet, because in addition to their general slimming effect, they won’t be so tight that they cling to your thighs. As a general rule of thumb, look for a pair of shorts that are just wide enough to not touch your thighs–not significantly bigger.

You can also get the same look by choosing shorts with side slits. Again, the extra space for your legs provides you more room to move without fabric clinging to a part of your body that you’d rather minimize.

Perhaps most important when picking out shorts is the length. I suggest choosing a length that’s most flattering to your body by making sure the hem hits either above or below the widest part of your thighs. The eye will automatically go to wherever your shorts cut off, and you want to make sure that’s not a part of your body that you’re actually trying to hide.

Underneath It All, It’s The Support That Counts

While we can tan, shop, and camouflage our thighs all we want, let’s admit it, ladies, nothing is going to “support” us the way an amazing pair of high-waisted, under dress shorts ever will! Our Pantyloon™ Slip Shorts were literally designed to smooth your silhouette, and, most importantly, help you feel sexy and confident. Their innovative, four-way stretch lace style comes down to the mid-thigh to prevent thigh chafing, making them perfect for short dresses and skirts … or just lounging in comfort. Plus, they are available in an array of delicious colors, including licorice, chocolate, and latte to name a few, which are perfect to play a little “peek-a-boo” with and let their scalloped edge slip out under your cute skirts, shorts, and dresses! While we’re usually trying to hide our undies, the playful Panyloon allows us to be a bit more flirty and show some lacy leg.

Now that’s what I call physical and emotional support!

So, just remember, we’re all in this together. Some of us miss our “thigh gap,” some of us never had one, and some of us don’t even know what I am talking about! And on those hot Summer nights, a little self-tanner, high-waisted stretch pants, and a pair of Pantyloons may just be the best gifts we ever give ourselves. That… and a little self-love.

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