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How To Modernize Your Favorite Vintage Styles

Retro fashion vintage styles

It’s been said that “everything old is new again.” Well, that’s never been more true than right now. From flowery 60s-inspired dresses to the bell bottoms of the 70s to 90s neon, this year has been a tapestry of retro fashion. And I, for one, am on board for this nostalgic trip. After all, some of us actually lived through these fabulous eras and had some of the best (and most pivotal) times of our lives during these stylishly-decadent decades. So why not embrace our past…. even if we’re just fashionably speaking?

However, before we take that journey down memory lane, remember that like any other fad, it’s important to know the dos and don’ts before dipping your toes into unchartered territory. That’s why, from style tips, to hair and makeup suggestions, and even the perfect undergarments to shape our style, I’ve got you covered as we take a blast back to the past. So, buckle up, we’re about to re-explore fashion’s most fabulous moments in time. And how we’re going to make them our own…once again.

Find Your Comfort Level

Not everyone can rock a bodysuit and sky-high heels circa 1985 (I know I sure can’t!) but I can get on board with the soft and sophisticated looks of the 60s and 70s where flowy, boho dresses and blouses ruled supreme and the sleek lines of the women’s pantsuit were all the rage. The important thing is to make the style work for you and not appear “forced.”

For daytime events, I tend to opt for more 60s free-flowing attire like maxi-dresses or floral blouses that give me a more feminine, yet polished look. And for evening or business meetings, I tend to choose the more structured lines of the 70s high-waisted pants or a sophisticated (and flattering) wrap dress. Comfort is key and I am a huge proponent!

Mix Things Up!

In today’s “anything goes” age, don’t be afraid to combine styles, or decades, when choosing your retro look. It creates a fresh, unique approach to your ensemble and allows you to have a little fun as well! I like to mix contradicting trends that wouldn’t normally “work,” but somehow create a beautiful balance when put together. For instance, one of my latest favorite combinations is a 90s-inspired slip dress with an 80s structured blazer on top and, later, I simply wear the dress (sans blazer) with small, elegant, gold jewelry and a 70s T-strap high heel. One dress, two ways. That’s versatile and cost-effective!

If you’re looking to really shake up your retro vibe, go for 90s straight leg jeans with a 70s band tee and 80s leather jacket or opt for a great pair of bell bottoms with a cropped top. The sky’s the limit when you have centuries worth of styles to choose from!

Make A Statement

Like anything in fashion, it’s important to focus on one key piece and then build your outfit around it. So, if the retro vibe is what you are after, select a show-stopping vintage item and complement it with modern clothing and accessories. Depending on my mood and occasion, this can include simply wearing an eye-catching piece of jewelry like my statement gemstone necklace with a crisp, white button-down shirt and cuffed jeans or, if I am headed out to dinner, I’ll go with a Jackie O-inspired dress with understated jewelry and kitten heels. Balance is best and a rule I always follow.

Be Mindful Of Makeup and Hair

While it’s fun to experiment with vintage fashion styles, balancing hair and makeup looks can often be tricky. You will want to stay true to the time period – to some extent – but, like everything else, put your own modern approach to it. For example, pastel makeup looks great with a 60s ensemble, as does the shimmer eye effect and wavy hair with the 70s disco style. But don’t fight your natural coloring or hair texture to achieve these looks. The idea is to nod to these eras not turn yourself into a walking costume. When in doubt, I am a big fan of accessories like headbands and clips, as well as floppy hats and over-sized sunglasses, to complete my ensemble.

Retro-Fit Your Undergarments

Think vintage-inspired undergarments are a thing of the past? Think again. Just like all the other trends, retro-inspired bras and panties have come back in a big way. And thanks to their comfort, support and, (dare I say) sex appeal, they seem to be here to stay. From the 80s and 90s push-up bra (which small-chested women everywhere have still not thrown away) to the elegant lace nighties of the 60s, the previous decades sure knew how to make a woman look and feel beautiful.

However, nothing says nostalgia quite like a lacy lingerie set. While I used to wear lacy thongs and love them when I was younger, today I can no longer wear these skimpy undergarments (nor do I want to!). I now need a little more coverage and support from my undergarments. I need to smooth out unsightly bumps and panty lines and eliminate muffin top. And, most importantly, I still want to feel sexy. That's exactly why we designed Her Highness Lace Briefs – super-comfy, high-waisted, romantic lace panties for women, whose bodies have changed. And, really, isn't that all of us?

A nod to the bloomers of yester-year, our briefs are designed with four-way stretch lace for maximum comfort and are supportive enough to lend extra coverage while keeping those unsightly panty lines at bay. And best of all, they are super stylish!

So, if you’re looking to take a blast to the past and embrace the fashion from yester-year, remember that with a few key style tips, you can be the retro queen of your dreams!

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