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What Color Underwear to Wear for an Happy New Year

highwaisted lace panties best underwear for women

New Year’s Eve holds many different meanings and traditions to people around the world. To some it’s a time to hit the town with friends and family. For others, it’s a quiet evening spent home with those we love. However, no matter which way we choose to celebrate NYE, one thing is for sure. It’s an opportunity to set our intentions and cheers to a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year!

And while there are many ways to set ourselves up for success in the New Year, my favorite has always been picking the perfect color panty. Yes, you heard me right! According to traditions of some cultures, the color of underwear for New Year's Eve will determine your luck for the next 12 months. That’s a lot of responsibility placed on one tiny garment, isn’t it? Well, seeing as I am in the panty business, I decided a long time ago that this is one superstition that I can get behind!

Not sure which color to choose? Lucky for you, I have your palette predictions located below. And how fortuitous that our collection of lace panties, which are now available in three high-waisted styles (briefs, boy shorts, and  slip shorts), just happen to come in these superstitious shades!

Rev Up The Romance With Red

If you happen to be wearing red underwear New Year's Eve, then you're in luck (literally), especially in the love department! In fact, some believe that red panties will bring you a year full of love and passion like never before. Need the perfect crimson color? Check out our sexy Her Highness Lace Briefs in Ruby. With scalloped lace edges and four-way stretch, they are as scintillating as they are comfy!

red lace panties

You Won’t Be Singing The Blues

Can’t seems to shake that cold or just tired of feeling … well, tired? Blue is the color for you. It is meant to bring wellness, good health and tranquility. Which, after a long year, we all probably need. For the perfect blue underwear try our kicky Knickerboxers Lace Boyshort in Blue Quartz. With just the right amount of high-waisted coverage and a dash of sexiness, you will be banishing the blues and feeling good about it all year-long!

lace boyshorts

Peace And Happiness Is “White” Around The Corner

Ever wish for just a day of calm and happiness? How about an entire year? If that’s what your heart desires then whip out those white panties because legend says they will bring you 365 days of peace, harmony and happiness. This sounds too good to be true but who am I chance to it? For a pristine pearly white panty, take a look at Her Highness Lace Briefs in Pearl. Perfectly stitched in elegant stretch lace with a high-waisted pattern, you will feel calm and confident this NYE. 

fullback panties

The Power Of Pink

While wearing pink underwear indicates love, like it’s sister color red, this is a much more subdued, harmonious love. A stable, long-lasting adoration that is often found between friends, according to theorists. So, if deeper connections with friends or, perhaps, broadening your social circle is what you are looking for then look no further than our Pantyloon Lace Slip Shorts in Rose Quartz. These pink panties are pretty and delicate, just like your friendships should be!

under dress shorts

Purple Persuasion

If you have high expectations for the coming year, then purple is the hue for you. In spiritualism, the color purple is often linked to transformation, luck, charm and mysticism. Perhaps you are ready to make a career change or looking to take your relationship to the next level? Then purple underwear on NYE is your best bet! Try Knickerboxers Lace Boyshorts in Amethyst. Super stretchy and soft, and just a little bit flirty, these undies are just what you need to conquer the year ahead!

highwaisted panties

As our NYE plans and traditions may change from year-to-year, so do our resolutions and wishes…especially as we grow older (and hopefully wiser!). But one thing always remains the same. We will continually be seeking for ways to evolve and become the best versions of ourselves. Whether that means finding romantic love, inner peace and wellness, deeper friendships, or a complete life-changing experience, one thing is for sure. This NYE, we may just find the answers at the bottom of our lingerie drawer!

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