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The Problem With Control Top Underwear

The problem with control top underwear, spanx, shapewear, control top pantyhose

On special occasions, control top underwear is the best. It holds in your tummy, concealing all of your lumps and bumps, making your body look flawless in your fancy dress. However, shapewear shouldn't be your everyday underwear choice for a number of reasons. For one, it's extremely uncomfortable and hard to get in and out of (I've definitely pulled a muscle getting out of my spanx in the past). But that's not all - shapewear puts pressure on your organs and can lead to a host of other issues you never dreamed of. Issues like:

Shapewear causes acid reflux. Control top underwear presses on your stomach, pushing gastric acid back up into your esophagus and causing heartburn. In addition, constricting your intestines slows down your digestion, leading to gas, upset stomach or bloating (and isn't bloating the very thing we want shapewear to hide?).

Shapewear can cause incontinence. Yikes! Control top underwear also presses on your bladder, making you feel like you need to go to the bathroom more frequently. But shapewear is so difficult to take off, you'll likely not want to go to the bathroom (did I mention I once pulled a muscle getting out of my spanx?). And holding in your urine too long can lead to leakage or, worse, infection.

Shapewear makes it hard to breathe. Another organ your control top underwear compresses? The diaphragm. Compressing your diaphragm inhibits your ability to take full, normal breaths, so you may get a little light-headed or dizzy. Just thinking about it gives me anxiety.

Shapewear can irritate your skin. The fabric used for the control top part of your underwear is not very breathable and can trap dirt and moisture. If you're a sweaty betty, then your shapewear could give you a rash. 

There are other reasons you shouldn't wear control top underwear every day, but we will spare you the gory details. Instead, try some comfortable high-waisted underwear with light support. High-waisted underwear conceals muffin top without compressing, so it's flattering and comfortable. Plus, there's no chance of you pulling a muscle when you're taking it on and off. It's a win-win!

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