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3 Reasons Why You Need High-Waisted Underwear

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I couldn't have been more excited when high-waisted "mom" jeans came back in style a few years ago. I no longer had to struggle with muffin top, and plumber's butt, and all those fun things that happened in my low- and mid-rise jeans. Then someone came along and answered my prayers with the introduction of high-waisted yoga pants and finally, the icing on the high-waisted trend, the reinvention of high-waisted underwear.

Like every other woman on this planet, my body has changed over the years - pants don't fit the same, things jiggle around a little bit more, and love handles have a little bit more to love. So wouldn't it make sense that, with those changes, I should update my underwear style as well? The answer, my friends, is yes. Here's why:

No more muffin top.  The best part of high-waisted panties is that they land right by your bellybutton, so there's no more muffin top spilling out the top of your undies. They also won't show any part of your tush when you lean over or kneel down.

Light support. High-waisted undies provide just enough support to hold in your lovely lady lumps, without feeling like you are wearing a girdle. They are the goldilocks of underwear; not too tight, not too loose, but just right.

Retro is in. Those 50s pin up models had it right and it's only taken us 70 years to realize that. New styles of high-waisted underwear are not just fashionable, they're downright sexy.

Up until recently, you could only find high-waisted underwear in the form of extremely constricting, control top panties or old-fashioned, loose cotton granny panties. Control top panties are great under a tight dress, but they're not super comfortable for everyday activities or just lounging around your house. And the super comfortable old-fashioned granny panties are not super sexy (in case you hadn't noticed).

But now you can finally have it all. Our high-waisted lace panty is the best of all worlds. They're comfortable enough to sleep in, and sexy enough to sleep with ;).

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