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The Top 5 Gifts For Women And Other Ways To Treat Yourself

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You know who could really use a great gift right about now? You. After a tumultuous year filled with stress and anxiety, there's no better way to ring in the new year than to treat yourself with retail therapy. Even little things can make you feel like a million dollars. We've compiled a short list of great gifts for women that will make you feel like a queen, even if you're just staying home in your sweats.

1. Soft, cozy joggers. If you are going to be staying at home in your sweats, why not make them the most comfortable sweats in the world? Joggers are a more stylish version of sweats, so you don't feel like a total schlub, and come in a variety of fabrics ranging from cotton to cashmere. For a pair that's as soft as cashmere, but a quarter of the price, check out these marled fabric joggers.

2. Sleep mask. Nothing (and we mean nothing) is more luxurious than a good night's sleep and, while sleeping pills require a prescription, a silky sleep mask should do the trick. Sleep masks are also great for protecting your delicate eye area and preventing sleep lines.

3. Body oil. Remember the days when you used to go to the spa? Well now you can bring the spa home and massage your dry winter skin with a light body oil. Or, better yet, find someone to do the massaging for you. We love this dry body oil because it smells like orange blossoms and comes in a sprtiz bottle (so there's no mess).

4. Lace underwear. A wise woman once said, wear fabulous underwear even if you're the only one who sees it, and we couldn't agree more. Wearing a nice, sexy pair of lace underwear will make you feel confident and put a little pep in your step. Our high-waisted lace underwear is comfortable and holds in your lady lumps, without constricting. Plus, no panty lines!

5. Scented laundry detergent. Let's face it, these days our grooming routine has gone right out the window with our social lives. Using a scented laundry detergent will make you and your pre-jamas smell great, even if you haven't showered in days. We love the Le Labo scented detergents from The Laundress. You can get a single-use packet that covers a small wash and it's super cheap.

Whether you're celebrating New Year's Eve on your couch, or ignoring it entirely, don't forget to treat yourself right in the new year. We're not telling you to get off the couch, or even to put on real jeans. We're just saying, if you're going to stay on the couch on in your sweats, do it right. You deserve it!

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