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Wedgie, Muffin Top, Panty Lines…Oh My! Your Panty Pain Points Solved

Wedgie, Girl Wedgie, Wedgy, Muffin Top, Panty Lines, Panty

For years and years, and some more years, women have been told that beauty is pain. We've suffered through upper lip waxing, eyebrow tweezing, injections, and that's just above the belt. Alas under garments have also been a pain point for women for eons, starting with the 16th century invention of the corset. 500 plus years later, we're doing a little better in the women's underwear department, but not a hundred percent. Many women across the globe are still experiencing panty paint points like the wedgie, muffin top and panty lines. Why does this keep happening, you ask? We'll tell you why.

Why do I get wedgies with my current underwear?

Wedgies happen when your underwear is too small or doesn't provide enough butt coverage, causing it to ride up your butt like a thong. But if you wanted to wear a thong, you'd be wearing a thong (which is, by the way, also uncomfortable). To avoid the dreaded wedgie, you should try a full coverage brief, hipster, or boyshort.  

Wedgie, Girl Wedgie, Wedgy

How do I avoid muffin top?

Muffin top is caused by underwear that's too tight around your waist or too low on your waist, allowing your love handles flow out the top of the underwear like a muffin (only less tasty). To avoid muffin top, you'll want to wear high-waisted briefs. The high waist provides light support and holds in in your tummy, without being constricting.

Muffin Top

What causes panty lines?

Visible panty lines (aka VPL) are usually caused by underwear with thick or decorative seams around the bottom. VPL can also be caused by tight underwear that pinches your butt, creating a "pinch line" that shows through your pants. To eliminate panty lines, try seamless underwear or full coverage panties with an unfinished edge.

Panty Lines Pantylines

The best underwear is yet to come

We've come so far since the days of corsets and girdles but, as you can see from the aformentioned pain points, we can still do better. The good news is that you won't have to suffer much longer. We've designed full coverage, high-waisted underwear with a disappearing edge and, guess what? It's both comfortable and sexy. So stay tuned! The best underwear for women is coming soon to a derriere near you.

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