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How To Hand Wash Underwear, Anywhere

How to hand wash underwear, how to wash lingerie

No one actually wants to hand wash underwear, but there are times when one must. Maybe it's not yet laundry day and you've run out of clean panties, or you're traveling and didn't pack enough undies to last the whole trip. Whatever the case may be, knowing how to hand wash underwear is a skill you should keep in your back pocket. Here's our tried and true method for hand washing underwear anytime, anywhere.

Step 1: Find a place to soak the underwear

Fill up the sink, or a bowl, with warm water and pour in a small capful or two of laundry detergent. If you're at a hotel or somewhere where no detergent is to be found, then shower gel, liquid hand soap or shampoo should do the trick.

Step 2: Pre-treat any stains

If you're working with a stained pair of underwear, you'll want to scrub some detergent or soap directly on the stain prior to submerging it in the water.

Step 3: Soak in soapy water

Once you've submerged the undies in the water, rub them gently in the soapy water to spread the detergent evenly across the underwear. Let the panties soak in the water for about 30 minutes.

Step 4: Rinse clean

Rinse the underwear with cool water until the soap is full gone. Gently squeeze or press the remaining water from the underwear. Don't wring the underwear as it may cause it to stretch.

Step 5: Leave them to dry

Lay underwear flat or hang to dry and voila, clean underwear!

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