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What's The Difference? Your Questions On Women's Panties

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Nowadays, women's underwear comes in every different shape, style and fabric under the sun. There's high-waisted underwear, control top underwear, thongs, granny panties, you name it! With so many different options to choose from, it can be hard to know what's what, especially when you're looking online and can't see the panties in person. And what is the real difference between all these types of underwear anyways? Here we answer your burning questions on different types of women's panties.

What is the difference between a bikini and a brief?

First of all who knew there was a difference? Alas there is! Bikinis are usually similar to briefs in terms of waistline and leg cut, but bikinis have less butt coverage. So if you're steering clear of thongs because you find them uncomfortable, you'll probably want to steer clear of bikinis too. The lack of butt coverage can often lead to the fabric crawling up your rear end, just like a thong.

What is the difference between a hipster and a boyshort?

When it comes to hipster versus boyshort, the main difference is in the leg cut and rise. Both types of underwear have a lower rise and sit on the hips, but the boyshort leg is longer so it's almost like shorts. Hipsters are usually cut like briefs at the leg. In terms of butt coverage, hipsters can sometimes lean towards the bikini cut, so there is a chance of getting a wedgie. With boyshorts, you'll get full coverage in the rear and a little more comfort.

What is the difference between a g-string and a thong?

Let's start with the similarities. Both a g-string and a thong are uncomfortable, provide no support, and go right up your rear. On the very small plus side, they almost guarantee no panty lines. The only difference is that a g-string has (literally) a string-sized backing and waistband, whereas thongs have a more substantial panel backing and waistband.

What is the difference between control top underwear and high-waisted underwear?

Oh there is a difference here! While both types of underwear come right to the bellybutton, or sometimes above, the similarities end there. Control top underwear is technically shapewear - it's constricting and made from fabric that's not breathable to suck in your waist like a modern-day girdle. High-waisted underwear is just that - it has a high rise but it can be made of any fabric and it's way more comfortable.

What type of underwear should I choose if I want to look good and be comfortable?

The answer here is simple - if you want it all, you can have it all. We've got high-waisted underwear with full rear-end coverage and no panty lines. Sound too good to be true? It's not. Give us a shot!

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