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Baring All: Secrets To Curating The Perfect Lingerie Collection

Womens Lingerie Lingerie Set

Let's face it. By this point in our lives, we ladies have figured out a thing or two about how to make ourselves look and, more importantly, feel confident and beautiful. We’ve perfected the art of camouflaging under eye bags (remember the days when those were from too many late Saturday nights?!) and learned the art of such fabulous fashion “fixes” as ruching, strategically-placed belts, layering, and, when in doubt, head-to-toe black ensembles and oversized sunglasses.

But, when is the last time you took a look at your lingerie collection? Like, REALLY took a look at your undergarments? If you’re like me, it’s probably been a minute. And that’s not unusual. After all, we’re usually so fixated on what’s on the outside, and on most days just happy that we have had time to shower, that our lingerie game has, quite frankly, fizzled out.

However, as the foundation for all of our fashion picks – from fancy dresses and event attire to casually-chic loungewear – our undergarments literally help define the fit and appearance of all of our styles. Which is why, I’ve decided to take a deep dive into a place I seldom visit … my lingerie drawer. And I am uncovering the essential pieces we all need to keep us fashionably-forward and inwardly sexy and self-assured.

Let’s take a peek at those foundation fundamentals!

Bra Basics

We simply cannot discuss lingerie “must-haves” without, first, tackling the need for several types of bras in our life. I know, I know, most of us survived 2020 without even wearing one. But, it’s 2022 and we’re semi-back into society, so it’s time to ensure that we have the basics in our collection.

The Nude Bra And Black Bra

Yes, we are all aware that colorful bras are having their moment right now and are always fun to add to our wardrobe. But, a nude or black bra will never let you down. A nude bra is a great investment for slightly translucent fabrics and best to wear under your whites, while the black version will offer plenty of slimming effects (as well as sex appeal!) and almost never shows through darker fabrics.

The Strapless Bra

The strapless bra is a must for evening attire and anything strapless, halter, or with thin straps. There’s nothing worse than an elegant ensemble ruined by bulky bra straps! Worried about comfort? I’ve found some of the most comfortable strapless bras are bandeau bras with no wires and lots of Lycra. But if you need a little more support, look for a bustier-style bra. These often add the extra benefit of also being low cut in the back for backless dresses and shirts.

The Bralette

I find bralettes extremely sexy and comfy, and they can be worn under most tops. In fact, most are designed to be seen under thin shirts and tanks so I always opt for pretty, pastel colors or basic black to enhance my outfit. Plus, what really makes them ideal is that they are comfortable! I prefer styles with lots of lace and stretch to allow me more movement and “give” throughout my busy day.

The Sports Bra

If it’s more support you’re after, I’d definitely recommend a high-quality sports bra. Whether it’s for your Pilates class or a long day of shopping, a great sports bra gives your chest and back the relief they need while you conquer the world! For those women doing high-impact training or running, I suggest grabbing a heavy-duty sports bra that really supports the breast tissue when working out.

Proper Panties

Now that we’ve outfitted our chests, it’s on to the rest! When it comes to figuring out which type of panties to add to your collection, you first need to take a look at your wardrobe. After all, an ill-fitted pair of underwear (or the wrong style) can ruin your whole look. Just imagine your sleek dress with panty lines or linen pants with bulges?

And while there are many “solutions” on the market today, my days of uncomfortable and binding panties are over. However, I still crave beautiful, sexy panties that make me feel confident as I race through my 24/7 life. So, what’s a girl to do? Create her own line? That would be crazy, right?

High-Waisted, Lace, Seamless Panties

The need for high-waisted, seamless panties is real. Especially, now, as most of us are at the age where we need a little extra coverage and support but don’t want to squeeze into uncomfortable shapewear. Plus, we still want the invisible pantyline effect that we once sought from a constricting thong. Which is exactly why I launched Bloomers Intimates with my mom! Elegantly-designed with four-way stretch lace for maximum comfort, our panties are high rise enough to lend extra coverage, yet airy enough to keep you feeling fresh all day and night! They are the perfect solution for evening, office or lounge wear and available in five colors including our latest hot color – Ruby Red! Who says comfy can’t be sexy?

Activewear Panties

Athletic panties can be just as essential as the workout attire you wear over them. Whether you want to wear your clingiest yoga pants or your baggiest running shorts, athletic panties are designed to let you focus on your A-game. That’s why, when I am looking for the perfect panties to workout in, I make sure that they are comfortable, keep me dry and move with me without bunching, falling, wedging or other underwear fails. After all, we should break a sweat during our workouts… not picking out our underwear, right?

Ravishing Robes

Nothing rounds out the perfectly-curated lingerie collection quite like a romantic robe. Or, if you’re like me, a robe that simply isn’t my used bath towel!  A robe offers a sense of indulgence. A bit of comfort to a crazy day. An escape, if you will, if only for a few blissful moments.

That’s why, I always keep several robes on hand, depending on my mood … and the season. So, what are the best? Let’s untie the secret!

Super Plush Cotton Robes

Nothing screams comfort like an oversized, plush cotton robe that you can literally wrap yourself in and let your worries melt away. I like these because I can use them without even toweling off first and they help lock in my moisturizer right away. Don’t be surprised if you see me watching movies in mine or reading my favorite book! Plus, I can throw them right in the wash when I need to! 

Washable Silk Robe

Seeking something a little sexier and elegant? Look no further than a washable silk robe. It offers me the perfect balance of opulence and practicality that I need in my life right now. And it’s great for the warmer months when anything heavier simply won’t do.

Satin Robe & PJ Set

Want to appear as if you have it all together? Opt for a matching satin robe and pajama set. My favorites are those with shorts, a cami and a hip-length robe that are great for layering and for those nights when you just can’t get the temperature quite right. I also love these sets for traveling, especially with others, as they aren’t revealing but offer a classy alternative to my usual boxer short, T-shirt combo.

Now that we’ve uncovered the fashion fundamentals for building a truly lust-worthy lingerie collection, there’s only one thing left to do. Start shopping and embracing our inner goddesses. After all, she’s inside all of us. Sometimes, we just need a little reminder!

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