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Gifts for New Moms to Help Them Celebrate Themselves

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As we all know, motherhood is hard! Sleepless nights, constant worry, and the nearly impossible juggling act of balancing it all – work, family and what’s left of our social lives. But, perhaps the most daunting part of the process, for many, are the months and sometimes years after delivery of accepting the physical and psychological changes that our body goes through. I mean, what happened to my stomach? Isn’t it supposed to immediately shrink back to its pre-baby look? And what happened to my boobs? Are these really mine?

Accepting these changes to our new “mom body,” as I call it, is difficult and not often discussed. Learning to love your new amazing body (that just birthed your beautiful child, after all!)  is a gift and one that should be celebrated!

That’s why I am here to help you show some love to yourself or to another new mom in your life, who may need help accepting her changed (and still) beautiful body. Because with the proper pampering, a few fashion updates and a dash of self-care, any woman can get her confidence back … and tackle one baby crisis at a time!

Create an At-Home Spa Experience

Okay, so a trip to the spa simply might not be in the cards right now. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create the same experience at home. I suggest starting with the most essential thing – a luxurious bath while someone else is on baby duty. Invest in quality bubble bath products like a calming honey elixir or lavender foaming gel to create the perfect soak. Then, make sure to have the right accessories! I love a sleek bath tray that sits across the tub and keeps all the essentials—ahem, wine, book, and a candle—within arm's reach. I also opt for the perfect bath pillow to comfort my neck and head as I relax. For added effect, grab a portable speaker and play a customized playlist to really set the mood.

Personal Mani-Pedi, Please!

While we’re pampering, let’s not forget the nails and toenails, which I am sure were forgotten about months ago! Since shuffling off to the salon with an infant in tow probably isn’t happening right now, invest in one of the many at-home nail kits that have hit the market recently. From dip powder and acrylic to nourishing your natural nails, the latest products come complete with salon-quality tools and simple instructions. Plus, it saves time and money… two things that we moms now see as a huge bonus!

Dress To Impress!

Now, that we’re pampered and prettied, let’s discuss a few fashion must-haves that would help any woman feel beautiful - whether she is a new mom or not. One of my faves is the nap dress. Easy, breezy and the epitome of comfort, these celeb favorites are loose-fitting, flowy, and feminine, fitted only at the bust. While nap dresses may be comfortable enough to sleep in, their purpose goes far beyond that of a nightgown. The brilliance of the nap dress is that they’re generally dressy enough to wear to the office, comfortable enough for running errands, and romantic enough for a weekend date.

Looking for other dress options? I adore a great wrap dress. Not only are they easy to get on and off and effortlessly accommodate a belly, but they can allow for easy access to your chest if you’re currently nursing. Plus, you can dress them up for a wedding or special occasion or wear with sneakers and a jean jacket for casual daytime look. One dress with infinite possibilities? Say no more.

A Look That’s On Top

Other fashion pieces that I’m a big fan of now are loose tops like wrap-around cardigans and ponchos, especially as we head into Fall. They not only camouflage the belly but they are also comfortable and stylish at the same time. These, too, can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion and look amazing when paired with a great pair of vegan leather leggings or stretch jeans.

Another option for a versatile top is the classic button-down shirt. Make sure it’s a bit over-sized to provide comfort, but not too large that you lose shape altogether. These shirts are perfect for nursing – just unbutton the first few buttons and you can feed your little one without feeling too exposed. And let’s not forget the endless possibilities of a button-down. Paired with stretch jeans, leggings, or used as night shirt, they are the one fashion item no new mom should be without.

Underneath It All… The Support She Really Needs!

While curating the perfect wardrobe is a huge help for any new mom, without the proper undergarments to support her, her look will ultimately fall flat. That’s why I always recommend purchasing a quality nursing bra. Because, realistically, maternity bras probably aren’t going to fit anymore (we can thank the milk our body is producing -- not to mention making us sore, achy and leaky, too!). When choosing a nursing bra, I look for the following: double layers, wide straps for extra support, a supportive back band, and soft and breathable fabrics. I know it doesn’t sound sexy but it’s supportive and it works! Trust me.

Nursing can quite literally suck the life out of your boobs, but (thankfully!) there are now bras that give you back the fullness that pregnancy and nursing took away. Livi Lou Laine’s bra comes with a signature internal pocket and insert system that gives you the power to create the shape you want, when you want it. (Think of it as a “bra you fill-up,” not a push-up bra). Breast change is a normal part of growing and nourishing a little human but that doesn’t mean you can’t feel like your old self!

Now, if it’s a little bit of sexiness you do crave, I have something for you right here. Her Highness lace underwear provides maximum comfort, just a tiny bit of support, and dare I say… sexiness? Their high waist smoothes your curves and hides any scars or marks from delivery, their scalloped edge disappears under clothes, and their full rear coverage won't ride up, so you can look and feel your best. Plus, they are now available in six colors including our latest – Ruby Red and Blue Quartz! The perfect solution for evening, office or lounge wear. Who says comfy can’t be sexy?

We all know the joy of building a family and bringing a new life into this world. But accepting the change that happens to our body after this process can be a very real and difficult process to go through. However, with the proper self-care and love of yourself, you will learn to own your miraculous new body and be proud of the journey it has undertaken. Embrace your new body and pamper it, because we at Bloomers Intimates certainly do!

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